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Dapor Terangkat
Dapor Terangkat
Dapor Terangkat

Dapor Terangkat (dt) was mooted from a simple idea of Love and Giving that a mother had for her children over her lifetime and how a son wanted to eternalised his mother’s cooking and recipes.

Hence in 2015, Dapor Nostalgia (NS-0163378-W) was established and it uses the name Dapor Terangkat as its brand in all its communication. Dapor means ‘Kitchen' while Terangkat is derived from combining two malay words (Terang and Angkat), Terang bears the meaning of 'to Brighten up’ while ‘Angkat’ can be interpreted as ’to Ascend/Honour’ albeit giving the overall connotation and spirit of ‘Brightening and Uplifting the Family Hood' or in malay, “Menerangi dan Mengangkat Martabat Kekeluargaan’.

And in essence became the company’s Vision. While one can never replace the pure spirit behind a mother’s cooking, at Dapor Terangkat, we make it easier for you by preparing healthy, fresh kept meals that can be served and consumed at your convenience right out of the box.

Our products are Halal Certified by JAKIM Malaysia and produced with industry's recognized best practices.

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